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Our child has improved dramatically in her ability to communicate. Our intervener has been instrumental in this development. Her bonding with our daughter is evident by Katy's desire to please and positive reactions of signing, babbling and moving. It is a warm and content feeling to see these two interact. I can attribute many of Katy's progressive strides to my intervener's efforts. She is an adopted member of our family.
--Intervener Program for Deaf-Blind

The idea of the intervener going to school with my child is fantastic. This would give my son the opportunity to have a set of eyes and ears to absorb all that the school system can give. It would also be an aid to the teachers in instructing him. It will comfort me to know that my child would have the one on one that he needs.

--Parent of a Child Who is Deafblind

Adult with twins (toddler aged boys) exploring inside of pumpkin
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