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The benefits of the SKI-HI curriculum have been invaluable to teachers in our program, even more so to the parents who received the information. We have adopted the philosophy of SKI-HI and integrated it as the most important aspect of our infant program. We highly recommend the curriculum whenever the opportunity arises.
--An Early Intervention Program Director


Finally, we (Deaf adults) are being asked to help. I feel honored to share my life with these beautiful children and their families. They value me and my experiences, and I see the parents accepting their child as a deaf child and learning how to communicate with their child and it thrills me. This is the best program in the world!

--A Deaf Mentor


The bottom line is that without the Deaf Mentor Program we feel things would be very different at our house! Would we have appreciated deaf persons and become involved with the Deaf community to the extent we have? Would we enjoy the friendship of so many families in the same boat as us? Would we have a wonderful deaf person coming into our home each week sharing their language and culture with us and helping us to understand and appreciate Jade? Would Jade be enjoying the level of self-esteem and be progressing as well in her language and her school work as she is now? The answer is "no"! We are so thankful for the services and the insights the Deaf Mentor Program has provided our family and Jade and feel it is an essential program for all families with deaf children.
--Deaf Mentor Program

Deaf baby sitting on floor playing with a toy
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