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Below is a letter from a mother written from the perspective of her little girl to her Vision Early Interventionist when getting ready to transition to preschool.

Remember when you first came to my house? I was so weak I could barely open my eyes. My mommy was sad that day because I didn't get a single check on my evaluation. You helped her feel better by explaining that eyes are tricky to learn how to use and I was doing my best. We would have to do a lot of these evaluations over the next couple years and sometimes my mommy would get discouraged. We had so much work to do! But you would always point out the GOOD things I was doing and how far I had come! You promised her I would get stronger. YOU WERE RIGHT! You always loaned us the coolest books and made the coolest toys. I liked when we would go on little trips, like when we went and saw the animals or went swimming. You taught Mom how to help me make believe and how to use my hands to put on socks. You helped mommy know when I was big enough to try new things like picking out my own clothes or helping with chores. I loved it when we did art activities like coloring or painting. But my favorite activity was when we learned about spring time and flowers. And then we got to plant seeds! They say other kids need your help but before you go, I just wanted to say one more big THANK YOU!

Below is a quote from a professional at a State Department of Education.

While the training was only one step, it provided new opportunities for collaboration between early childhood and vision service providers and a better knowledge base for mutual support for future endeavors. In a time when there is a severe national shortage of trained teachers of the visually impaired and with many of these providers lacking training for infant/preschool service delivery, the VIISA model can be an important supplement to state efforts, especially if it is carefully planned to address particular state concerns and needs.

Below are some quotes from a VIISA Course Participants.

It has been so very long since I received valuable professional development in visual impairment at the preschool level. Every bit of it has applied to my work.


VIISA has taught me more about vision impairment, gave me ideas to use with children and families, and gave me a network of professionals to call upon.

Teachers engaged in activities under low vision simulators
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