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If you wish to financially support the work of the SKI-HI Institute, donations can be written to SKI-HI and mailed to us at 6500 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-6500. A receipt for your donation will be mailed to you. Or you may wish to donate to a rider in our Alaska fundraiser described below.

2020 Alaska Bikerun

The 17th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Adventure is set for July 4, 2020. It is still tentatively scheduled. Watch the website for any changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The difference between this and the previous 16 trips is simple: MUCH SHORTER DAYS. Each day is planned as a destination all by itself. If you have the mindset just to get to Alaska, the several days you experience before you get there are not enjoyable. Rather, if you look forward to each and every separate day, you will be enjoying yourself immensely. For more information about the trip go to the website

Mike Tuccelli has tirelessly led this ride for SKI-HI for 16 years now! He has been a great supporter of the SKI-HI Institute. On his website you can see many wonderful pictures of past trips to Alaska.

To make a donation to the SKI-HI Institute, please download a submission form and send it along with your check. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

If you wonder what the 2020 trip will look like, take a look at this 2013 TRIP SUMMARY VIDEO .... especially if you are "on the fence". Whole trip video -- 26 minutes long.

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